“It does not matter wether medicine is old or new,


So long as it brings about a cure.


It matters not wether therories be eastern or western,


So long as they prove to be true.”


Jen Hsou Lin, DVM, PHD


Kipu (lihas, nivel, jänne)?
Kaula-, Ranne- tai hartiakipu?

Akupunktio- ja Laser- hoito voi auttaa!

(Less Drugs!)

Akupunktion vaikutusmekanismit                



Akupunktion kipua lievittävä vaikutus on akupunktioperustutkimuksen ohella eniten tieteellisesti tutkittu akupunktiosovellutus.


Immunologiset vaikutukset

Akupunktion on todettu vaikuttavan eri verisolujen määrään.


Hormonieritys ja homeostaasi

Terve elimistö pyrkii itse pitämään tasapainon eli homeostaasin yllä, mikä tarkoittaa sitä, että kaikki vialliset osat pyritään heti korjaamaan elimistön omien säätelymekanismien avulla oli vika sitten yhdessä tai useammassa solussa, hormonierityksessä, immuunipuolustuksessa tai eri elinten toiminnassa. Akupunktio tehostaa elimistön omia tasapainoon pyrkiviä mekanismeja ja sillä voidaan vaikuttaa hormonieritykseen.


The Monad, an ancient Yin-Yang symbol,

illustrates the Yin-Yang relationship especially well.


The dark segment represents Yin, whereas the light represents Yang. The two dynamically oscillate around each other; each needs the other and continuously transforms into the other; they are opposite, mutually complementary and ever-changing. Together, they form unity. Everything is relative to something else. Within each main polarity, the small dot of opposite colour symbolises that there are no absolutes; there is always some Yin in Yang and vice-versa.

The only absolute is the Law of Change; everything must change in time.



Holistic medicine as defined by Are Thoresen,

is especially occupied by four main factors in development of disease; (a) the predisposing factor,

(b) the initiating factor, (c) the weak anatomical structure and (d) the syndrome.




·         The predisposing factor (a) is an inner unbalance, usually a deficiency, in one or more of the 12 main processes (meridians, organs).


·         The stressor or initiating factor (b) is the external or internal stress which trigger the already deficient internal process to collapse.




In addition to these two main factors responsible for the development of disease, it will be important also to be able to consider




·         The weak spot (c). This is the ”Achilles-heel” of the organism, the weak anatomical structure or stressed part where any deficiency most probably will manifest itself.


·         In this weak anatomical area the syndrome (d) will manifest. The syndrome is the material manifestation of the disease. The syndrome is not the disease itself, only the bodys own manifestation of the inner deficiency. This manifestation is also very often the bodys attempt to help the deficient inner process.