Impulse Dioden - Laser MultiProg   IR 904 nm Ga/As (MPL 2510 / MPL 2520)


Bio Medical Systems on yli 40 vuoden kokemus alalta.
Tuotteet kehitetään ja valmistetaan Saksassa.


- edistää solujen toimintojen (immuunijärjestelmä)
- vähentää kipua
- vähentää tulehdusta
- vähentää turvotusta
- nopeuttaa edesauttaa paranemista.

Laser on auttanut mm. niska-, selkä- ja nivelsärkyyn, lihasongelmiin, nivelrikkoon, jänneongelmiin, tapaturmakipuihin, leikkauksien jälkihoitoon sekä reumaattiseen särkyyn. Laserilla voidaan myös edesauttaa nivelten liikkuvuutta ja täten parantaa elämänlaatua.Yleisesti laserhoito sopii erinomaisesti lähes kaikkien tulehdusperäisten kiputilojen hoitomenetelmäksi.

Dr. Uwe Petermann:
The 904 nm gallium arsenide laser with 90 - 120 watts peak pulse power is highlighted as the optimum laser; not only in veterinary medicine. This impulse laser, due to its physical properties, is able to achieve a high penetration depth with sufficient application of laser photons in traumatized or infected tissue, without a thermal reaction in the tissue. In addition to direct ATP generation in the irradiated tissues, high peroxide clearance, restructuring of connective tissue and increase of production of collagen fibers are mentioned, which are responsible for excellent healing tendency in traumatized or infected tissues. In addition to local laser therapy, appropriate acupoints for regulating pathological processes could be used for the particular treatment concept, for example, stimulation of the immune system as well as stimulation or regulation of organ functions by appropriate acupuncture points with the same laser.

About laser and laser treatments
The laser light is applied, in contact, to normal healthy skin. Sensitive or damaged skin and open sores are treated in a non-contact way, with the laser-aperture held at a distance of one to a few centimetres from the skin. In order to achieve a good, effective result the laser light needs to be able to penetrate the skin tissue and reach the area to be treated.
Infrared wavelengths such as 904 nm  have the best penetration-capacity and are therefore used on deep-lying problems e.g. joints and muscles. Lasers with visible wavelengths such as 660 nm, 520 nm and 450 nm have lesser penetration-capacity and are therefore used on superficial problems such as skin or sores.
When laser light is applied to skin or tissue it is absorbed, reflected and spread in various directions. The deeper the light penetrates the tissue, the weaker it becomes, therefore a larger amount of laser light energy is used when treating, for example, muscles and joints, as compared to open sores.


The main advantage of the MOYAVE Pad is that the combination of red LED light and long-wave infrared heat only stimulates the body’s own processes.
If used simultaneously, the infrared heat can be viewed as an extra element that will accelerate the positive attributes of the LED light.


The MOYAVE P45 Flat Pad can be operated by means of nine preset programs, each of which is optimized for one or more specific applications on animals.

The MOYAVE products are manufactured from high-quality, breathable functional materials which regulate and dissipate the heat produced by the light and infrared radiation.

MOYAVE P45 Flat Pad
The MOYAVE P45 flat pads are innovative combination therapy devices which bring together red LED light and long-wave infrared heat based on hi-tech carbon.
The products in the MOYAVE P45 Series emit pulsed and non-pulsed energy in the visible red range with a wavelength of 632 nanometers, as well as intensive, long-wave infrared rays with an 8-12 micrometer peak. They’re used in the context of regeneration, training, physical activity, general health promotion, and prophylaxis.