Repuls HF Red Light Radiation Lamp

REPULS is a new, non-invasive, fast-acting treatment that supports the healing of inflammatory processes
to bring relief from pain.

The New Medical Treatment for Inflammation and Pain Method



REPULS ist different:

.....different to Laser

A laser emits highly concentrated light.
The REPULS Red Light Radiation Lamp spreads light more broadly and can thus treat larger areas.
This might be useful when treating tendons and joints. Side-effects are avoided.

.....different to Infrared

Infrared light is a warm light (invisible to the human eye).
The REPULS Red Light Radiation Lamp emits cold light because the special principles underlying treatment
with the Repuls-method is based do not require the delivery of heat.

.....different to UV light

UV light does not penetrate very deeply so that the high level of energy required to achieve adequate results
would cause serious damage to tissue.
Irradiation with REPULS-causes no skin reaction and thanks to its special frequency is able to penetrate deeply
but gently into the tissue.



REPULS HF Red Light Radiation Lamp generates intensive red light in the water window that penetrates deep into the tissue.
This red light is gentle on tissue and therfore causes no discomfort or harmful effects.
The required biochemical effect is achieved by means of electro-mechanical vibration of the mediators
(organic molecules that control infalmmation) in the UV frequency range ("frequency doubling").
This interferes with the effect of the deiators so that the inflammation subsides.


The radiation rhythm of 2.5 light pulses per second (Hz) in combination with the pauses between the light pulses
enables the body to remove the reaction products through the blood stream.
This proven measure makes the treatment even more tissue-friendly.



The Therapy with the REPULS HF Red Light Radiation Lamp:

    irradiates skin, connective tissue, muscles an joints with cold pulsed red light

    is simple

    is performed by placing the REPULS HF Red Light Radiation Lamp on the skin

    takes between 5 to max. 20 minutes

    can be performed twice a day

    brings results after only a few treatments

    has no side-effects

    is suitable for all age groups over 6